Wednesday, March 21, 2012

hmm....wat ..? OWH!? SHIT!?

hmm...wat.. OWH SHIT!!?!? I PHAIL U ALL~~~~~~

i was suppose to blog about my current cosplay life and stuff bt i fail Q_Q

well i'll make it short then...

Animax Carnival i cosplay alice...on the 3rd day it was ok and i was able to meet all my friend..such as Ash,Iqi,Nero,Zheok,Leong,my bro wen,Sky,Yuan Cilipadi,Misa and most importantly my beloved Yone Saizho~~

owh yea~~ forgot to post tat i'm in a relationship wit yone saizho (already a year OAO;;;)

i love him very much XDDD hope my future is brighten for her and mine XDD

ok back to topic!

after Animax Carnival i meet up with chris alot since we're kinda close?? we hang out time to time talking and have fun XDD (NT TAT KIND OF FUN!! D8<)

last bt nt least SAWACHI NIJIKAI!!! THE FIRST YAOI EVENT I'VE BEEN!!! oh gawd it was gud~~~ thx wani for organizing XDDD

the event take place in Nilai University! (very far i gt thre by riding my kakak angkat cars wit yone).It was ok~~ i volunteer as a Butler that day and din't expect tat we were short of kitchen crew bt we made it somehow~

Serena and Leena was Emcee wit Satan~ and i met a AWESOME IZAYA!!! 8DDDD *fangirling*
Yone was bishie~~

i was ask to go on stage like...4 time first was an Introduction of my butler theme and serena ask me to do a Demo for the crowd..i bully SHu for this XDD Gomen Gomen~

2nd and 3rd was when i was working whre Serena Requested my help to entertain the crowd...i dunno wat to do witout a prepared script or watsoever~ so i did a simple moaning~~ sure it was short bt it keeps them busy~


after tat we kinda sold out our food and ok everyone took a break and i was walking around doin OT and then Serena Called upon me again XDD the 4th time was the fullcourse it was...enjoyable yet scary XDD i just follow wat the crowd wants XDD so yea~~ it was funny XDD Xajin ask me to shuddup at the end XDDD well kinda XDD

Congrat for both Xenon and Xajin u two were great 8D

Pinky Came to SN and gave a special fanservice to Zero tat day XDD

it ended well and after tat everyone gt sick XDDD

Yone dear hope u recover soon Q_Q very worried of ur health

tats all for today~~

NEXT EVENT!! RAGE AT MALACCA!!! ON THE 31th March~1st April!!!!

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