Wednesday, March 21, 2012

hmm....wat ..? OWH!? SHIT!?

hmm...wat.. OWH SHIT!!?!? I PHAIL U ALL~~~~~~

i was suppose to blog about my current cosplay life and stuff bt i fail Q_Q

well i'll make it short then...

Animax Carnival i cosplay alice...on the 3rd day it was ok and i was able to meet all my friend..such as Ash,Iqi,Nero,Zheok,Leong,my bro wen,Sky,Yuan Cilipadi,Misa and most importantly my beloved Yone Saizho~~

owh yea~~ forgot to post tat i'm in a relationship wit yone saizho (already a year OAO;;;)

i love him very much XDDD hope my future is brighten for her and mine XDD

ok back to topic!

after Animax Carnival i meet up with chris alot since we're kinda close?? we hang out time to time talking and have fun XDD (NT TAT KIND OF FUN!! D8<)

last bt nt least SAWACHI NIJIKAI!!! THE FIRST YAOI EVENT I'VE BEEN!!! oh gawd it was gud~~~ thx wani for organizing XDDD

the event take place in Nilai University! (very far i gt thre by riding my kakak angkat cars wit yone).It was ok~~ i volunteer as a Butler that day and din't expect tat we were short of kitchen crew bt we made it somehow~

Serena and Leena was Emcee wit Satan~ and i met a AWESOME IZAYA!!! 8DDDD *fangirling*
Yone was bishie~~

i was ask to go on stage like...4 time first was an Introduction of my butler theme and serena ask me to do a Demo for the crowd..i bully SHu for this XDD Gomen Gomen~

2nd and 3rd was when i was working whre Serena Requested my help to entertain the crowd...i dunno wat to do witout a prepared script or watsoever~ so i did a simple moaning~~ sure it was short bt it keeps them busy~


after tat we kinda sold out our food and ok everyone took a break and i was walking around doin OT and then Serena Called upon me again XDD the 4th time was the fullcourse it was...enjoyable yet scary XDD i just follow wat the crowd wants XDD so yea~~ it was funny XDD Xajin ask me to shuddup at the end XDDD well kinda XDD

Congrat for both Xenon and Xajin u two were great 8D

Pinky Came to SN and gave a special fanservice to Zero tat day XDD

it ended well and after tat everyone gt sick XDDD

Yone dear hope u recover soon Q_Q very worried of ur health

tats all for today~~

NEXT EVENT!! RAGE AT MALACCA!!! ON THE 31th March~1st April!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awhile is Awhile

nothing much to say but i feel very lazy to updated my recent activity XDD

but today is like any others working days XDD

but i didn't expect that i would find something interesting XDD

>>Click Link Below<<

A Song Covered by Theresa Wong also Known as Cili Padi

tho she say she didn't edit it but for me it's nice to hear XDDDD

owh who is she???

if any of you guys went to Animangaki last year she sang a song from Macross frontier
which make people surprise XDDD

i was amaze tat i straight ahead become one of her *hidden fans*

but i was kinda sad that i didn't get to hear her sing during CF last year.....Q_Q

but overall i just hope i can find more of her covered songs XDDDD

beside her i'm waiting for another person too XDDD


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malaysia Cosplay ACtivity UP!

Ahhh~~~ owh wait EHEM!! *tukar to Taka*

Hello Everyone and those who read/watch my blog from time to time XDD

I'm truly sorry for not updating it For such a long time because of work and such

to updated about i'm doing this days is..i've been helping my friend prop instead of mine so i don't know how much time i'm left or such and of cause my prop is now completely HOLD...sorry if any plan has occurred

The COmpany I'm working ANIMASIA STUDIO is currently working on a Movie Project and basically this is gonna take till end of 2012 so..if any plan before hand that i joined please ware aware that i might not join the group so it's like a 50/50 rate

well enough that C2AGE is COming in this weekend and quite a number of cosplayers are getting ready for the big day XDD and some of them are getting ready for the early June event which is COSFEST whcih also the day where our malaysian cosplayer can walk on the red carpet for the WCS XDDD

and way also another updated is also about our topic today XDD

STUDIO OMOISHIROI is our very own malaysian Cosplay Studio XDD Surprising yet awesome XDD

Here is the link to their site >>
and here is they're YouTube Acc>>

in any rate after watching they're debut on making a cosplay video or for short CV for out 2010 Animangaki was surprisingly amaze me with such high definition and nice videography i was there at the event myself but i didn't know they were doing that at the time XDDD

and after that they did the ComicFiesta 2010 Video for both Day 1 And Day 2

we usually download the video and spread in the company and slot of the mates in the company was amaze to it too

i give a total respect to this group of people for putting such effort to they're hobby

after awhile not looking thru they're account finally i saw an Updated in my Facebook and like it was written SHOWCASE so i give a look and they're are almost they same quality in Japan

here are some of they're works XDD

hopefully they would release some CV CD-ROM and sell off they're work in public OwO

Please support our cosplay group

Sunday, April 3, 2011

a very sad moment right after the tragedy

as well you all known the tragedy that occurred in japan last month.

A great Quake was been held as much 8.9 magnitude and nevertheless a tsunami was hit into japan almost covering half of japan itself..

a week later the fukushima nuclear plant erupted and cost a massive outbreak of dangerous and hazardous Radiation toward Asia Sea which infected philipines and was said to hit malaysia but with a minor infection

in all in all it was said that over 120,000 peoples had died in the tragedy and 15,000 is still missing *if i'm corrected that is* was report recently in the news and in MSN

In all of this tragedy the latest news i receive was Saya our beloved cosplayer in Japan was pronounce dead on the 15th of March 2011


the cause of her Death is still unknown but was confirm from her sister's that she has died in an accident and not the rumour suicide

condolences to saya one of our beloved and idol-ed Cosplayer from japan

additional news is in the Facebook link below

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lil updated today on SMK Tropicana

ahhh~ the 19th~~~ idk when was last time i post tis XDDD

ok here the sum today O-O

Today is the COsplay Competition and J-Pop and K-Pop Dance Competition held at SMK Tropicana XDDD

since i invite my friend we plan to drove on a motorbike to the area instead but more like...OMG WE DUNNO WHRE IT IS!!!!

so like yea i called Zhang Zhang whre is it and he also dunno so i just say we go convoy together XDDD

we reach at IOI mall around 10am??

and then we go together *while showing middle finga to each other*

when we reach to the spot AKA School we start changing and yea...miss our school days XDDD

start changing and all we head to the event site...

hearing some band performance and walk alot *and kena tegur about some reason that i want to forget and also kena cekik by Yuan which i dun mind d* i waited for the cosplay competition XDDDD

Xajin was first with Amy Cosplay Ciel and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji XDDD i notice they practise hard on the dance but before you noe it,technical glitch which like OMG and so....Xajin was pissed off and emo stated....poor him Q__Q and so i mostly skip the other skit cuz it's quite boring XDDD

as we waited i head to the school canteen whre i met up wit Gyu and Misa and...some other cosplayers XDDDD

Gyu nid help on his make up so i help him XDDD and at the same time was looking for misa XDDDD *misa so skinny u noe~*

after finish that i spot misa and try to glomp her from the back XDDD but i phail cuz she saw me in the mirror...

and then i go and have some sword sparring XDDD and get tired XDD and i go to chris who is nearby XDDD

we start talking about prop constructing XDDD his having a hard time earning cash and like...if no choice he would go a normal thing...which he prefer work something related to cosplay and jacky join the conversation XDDD

nearly to 2pm we head back to the event site XDDD and so we waited for the dance competition XDD

the first group make me sleepy...and i was not really hyper much cuz wanna try to tone down or i will lose control...and yea..i noe u noe what would happen =w=;;

after a few performance the group start to get more dynamic and entertaining XD

and Marina,iqi and ash group comes XDD and WOW finally a close up on the dance XDDDD

then after they're performance i go to the back of the hall and look around XDD we talk and talk and talk XDDD

after the price giving ceremony time..they have public dance performance XDD so like..yay~~ dance XDDD tho stop and stop XDD getting tired XDDDD

after the event over around 5pm?? we start to hangout at the hall on the after event XDDD

we head to curve cuz of Zul Imran Bday and i went thre..which idk whre to meet XDDD

i called zhangzhang 3 times and then i noe it's at Sushi King

head thre and act normal XDDD I DID'NT GO HYPER OK!!! ASK DOUJI AND ALL!! THEY WERE THRE!!!!

so yea everyone left and i'm with chris,douji and Alezander XDD and ofcuz patrick XD

we wnet our separated ways and i head to sunway XDDD wait for my sis finish work and go back home XDD and here i am now XDDDD

Rushen say it's boring without my hyperness/shouting and potter is asking me to join competition??? reno was telling me about the different types of trolling XDD so yea i can understand XDD but not really interested to join Competition that much...but maybe i will this year..tho not a trolling type XDD

so anyway~~~ i will sign off now~~

hopefully can post something new XDDD

owh owh maybe MAGE is coming back XDDD so like..maybe i'll join?? XDDDD who noes~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bella's Open House+Meet old friend+Gathering

Ok yesterday was the first of Chinese New Year and it's for the wabbit! *Riza engko yelah wabbit!*

so like yea~

at first like...1 week before bella's open house..i just saw the invite in Facebook XD

and so like...makes me think...should i go??? and like...FUck it lets go!

ok i left the house at 10am which me and my family nid to sent Qiqi And Kimiko to sunway...and head to Taman Duta after like it's 11am! so i SMS BElla i'm about to reach her place...she replied me back saying *i'll be thre at 12pm* so like i was infront of her house for 30min OwO

and first expression was....TEKAI!!!!!! yes it's a huge mansion! bella grandmama is big O_O

so like...waited under the blazing sun for 30 min...walking around and such owO and like bella sms me back to enter the house and go to the like BAr? ALCOHOL! *rush to it*

but was stuck infront ot the entrance with BIG CAMERA AND ETC!!!

so like...standing thre and wait for bella~

bella reach not so momments laters OwO

and like WOW!! SHE'S SHOO HAWT!! *nosebleed*...ok maybe not literally nosebleed =w=

so like i enter the house and it was crowded...bella bring me to the bar room..and i like sitting there quietly doing nothing...and like...bella says i look so lonely thre and asking me to join like..PFFFT really?? i don't think i would XDD;;;

so like i grab something to eat and such =w= and waited a little longer...*suppose Ikki and Cappy shuld be reachin thre d...*

but the first person to arrive was SYN HAEDAS! yes mieko's like sure..i guess i'll talk to her i guess....and..we don't really talk that much...cuz we are being entertained by Bella's friends OwO

and like....yea...we have some awkward Silence momments XDD

and like...ok meet ALEX and LInus again! woot~ the blonde twins XDD

and we're start talking and all....then sean and Sky pegasus came~ *ok sean left early cuz he has something to do*

so like...i'm alone again?? start talking to Linus....and like his nice and suddenly turns my hyper up =w=....well not 100% so like ok...i'm abit crazy d XDD *+drinking 100plus lagi...*

then ikki,cappy,narukid,and miyavi honey arrives~

and like..yea...i don't really feel hyper much d...

Ikki starting to beat me up and pulled my hair! *yes i noe the reason so i deserve it =w=*

and like yea...after awhile~ Ice cream came~ she still look sweet and all XDD *can't believe she didn't notice me O_O until ikki pulled my hair*

oh i was rapeing/stalking/molessting the door while looking at the people outside XDDD

and 2.45pm i left bella's place...i wish i could stay longer..but alas...i don't wan to get back home with bruises and all =w=

then i went to the car and i'm heading sunway OwO

was at the Bus Station at Central SUpermarket OwO i called up my old friend Irwan XD

and we hung out at sunway...tho i belanja him all =w=

we went to sushi king and i belanja like.....rm70?? Lol XDDD then we went bowling OwO *suppose we go watch movie was packed so yea..we went bowling XD*

the stupid balls are not coming up!!! WTF the time XDDD

then we head to my sis and Irwan was trying to pikat her =w= then i told him ur going to suffer from like he back off XDD

then after that i got a call from Wong Sifu OwO

and like they came to my sis place *cuz my sis is alone and we can't leave her*

Rushen,misashi rei,Ash,iqi and nero was thre aswell XDD and iqi step sister OwO

and like...kimiko's wan ice cream and yea..i promise i'll belanja her one day so all of us go together OwO *except for nero and iqi cuz practicing make up at the momment*

so like ok we buy Cookie and cream and also Cotton Candy at Baskin robin *cotton candy tasted nice....ok now i believe my lil sis*

Rei was shock to noe that kimiko is my lil sis XDD as well as QIQI XDDD so like after that we went to the Arcade OwO Wong sifu is not satisfied with the Tekken here XDDD so like yea...ahahahahahahaha~~ i phail playing Time Crisis XDDD

then we went back to my sis and oh rei went back early before we went to the arcade XDDD

and start talking about cosplay related stuff XDD *mostly make up* and like we have some great time Hearing the Jazz music at that time was nice XDDD

at 10pm we head back home~ everyone goes bye bye~ so we hv fun...well i hv fun XDD it was tiring XDD and my eyes still closing ryte nw XDDD

so ryte!



Respect or (NOT) Respect


i don't really know how to say this but~

how am i suppose to respect others where else others don't really respect me for being...ME????

OK sure i do respect alot of people before but after all the downfall and criticism i've been getting for the past what 1~2 years it really useless for me respecting others XDDD

it's up to you guys to figure out the solution whether you wanna respect me or not XD if you do i respect you back XDD

it's true i adalah orang yang x malu in public *due to weird random hyperness* but thats me..i'm actually getting tired from all the random stuff i've been doing...and i've been toning down quite from previously i guess...*well from you guys punya point of view...i dun think u even realize it XDD*

ofcuz i'm really regretting the momments i've been doing last year and this year =w=

but you guys got one time say that "I kena Jaga Image sendiri" so like...yea...i too have to jaga my image...which is my random hyperness...if i don't...well...ok for the old people that knows me sure you guys say

"Finally his normal" or like "Oh? His quiet today"...

and what would the new people that just knows me from being me says...i really got this like...a few times already from variety of people

"Huh? why are you not hyper???"

"Taka are you ok?? you not being yourself.."

*i'm sure at this point you must be thinking that OH great his talking something about himself like pampering and etc..well it's not actually =w= deal wit it*

well all i can say is...If you don't respect me...i don't respect you so like it's a hypothesis and also consider my way of doing things

i don't care if you don't LIKE ME or your talking talking BULLSHITS aka GOSSIPS about me....

but please your just as bad if you doing those things

i'm here not to impress people with the glamour and such i'm here to actually EXPRESS my feelings in my way

so please think about it for once

why should you respect others if yourself is not respecting yourself

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Such a wonderful day to be moody

Haiz~~ i don't know what to say to my dad =w=

I mean yea... yup help me alot when making the armor and etc....*tho you yourself make mistake in the process and i wasted extra money because of that*

but seriously....there's once in my life i would love to do things MY WAY!!!!

why do you always say we're not independent? for christ sake! you yourself is not willingly letting us go =w=

ok find enough with the HARHAR talk i'm a young adult and soon to be an adult once i reach 20 this year =w=

i would to love learn things in my perspective view =w=

i brought those material from the 3 years of experience of cosplaying d...and i know which material to use on the process...

haiz...even when i said i found a place that sell something like leather *Vinyl* you don't have to like "haiz~~ yelah tu~~ dah graduated lah tu" Quote on me!!! D<

i mean i know how to make sword with cardboard and any cheap materials and you want me to spend over rm1000 for a sword that i won't be using after tat?? would'nt it be a waste??


i gave you over rm1000+ *i think it has reach rm1300+ d * so you could finish that armor even you yourself say that use need only RM1000 to make it....

haiz..all i'm saying be a little faith me with lah~ i want to make my prop as cheap as possible =___= because i want to keep the extra money for something else...i've already been giving half of my salary d *rm700* every month....why won't you have faith in me???

if not i'll be like my sister...CAMPAK DUIT KAT YOU WITH LIKE THE AMOUNT OF RM200 ONLY!! and what they're salary is almost like mine!

there's things in this world that people can cheat on you....and i finally notice that day you spit it got use my money for something else...not the one i gave every month also you use the money i gave for the armor !! and what you buy!! your cigarette!!! your PERFUME!! YOUR FREAKING JUDI PAPER THAT YOU WILL NEVER WIN D<

and why am i not doing the armor/giving you the extra money??? well to see would you do it or not...and you say "i would do things all the way unlike you who stop in the middle..." FUCK THAT!! NOW LOOK WHAT YOUR DOING!!! YOU YOURSELF IS DOING IT HALFASS WAY! haiz...i would just make it with mounting board and harden it with fiberglass only =w= simple and cheaper..





2011 Material Hunting+Quick COsClass

Yay~~ today i went for Material Hunting~~ XDDDD

i woke up at 5.30am...and dunno the reason why XDD;;

then left the house at 8am OwO

reach at Sunway around 8.20am OwO and went Bfast with Kimiko and Qiqi at KFC!!! *called zhangzhang but didn't pick up*

after tat we went different path and i head to starbuck at 8.50am and wait for zhangzhang~ *still calling and didn't pick up*


we straight go to Mid Valley Garden and waited for Riza Ryuzaki at the Garden foodcourt

we has breakfast again XDD *2nd breakfast of the day~~~*

after tat 11.20am we went to Art friend for a quick shop of what we nid *brought a Sponge for Ovan's Hand XDD* at the same time explaining to Zhang n Riza on PVC sheet and styrene sheet....

then we head off to Kamdar look for the material for the costume XDD *same time explaining wat material is gud to use for costume*

i brought 4 meter of white cloth,1 meter of light blue and 1/2 meter of Leather XDDD

then after buying it we head straight to zhangzhang condo near IOI mall XDDD

saw the swimming pool thre and was tempting to hv photoshoot thre one day XDDD

the enter zhang house we have a very quick 2 hour tutorial on prop making XDDD like~~

how to measure body,Tips on cutting prop and for bending it,and finally the most important of all is FIBERGLASS TUTORIAL!!!

teach him how to use fiberglass on his prop XDD *riza was thre to learn too~~*

then after tat at 4pm we head to sunway back and went back home XDD suck ryte XD

well all i can say it was enjoyable XDD but hopefully they understand XDD

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cleaned my room *FINALLY!!*

hur hur~~ it's been......5 years i didn't clean my's all dusty and stinky...and...well u get the picture of a young guys room XDDD *the certain type one*

it took me 3 hours...n i didn't threw anything out OAO *i'm surprise*

overall nw it's walkable inside~ yay~~~

easy access to my PC and also my DESK XDDD

also i cleaned up my Cosplay Closet....which i notice i have about 7 costume nw OAO *which i rarely use them*

oh well more to come XDD

the only meal i eat today till nw...which is goin to be slices of bread and a green tea with my medicine...

LOL XDD is Christmas...and it's kinda the worse ryte nw XDD

My dad expensive vase tat cost over rm1000++ shattered to hundreds of pieces OAO

all thx to my lil sis *kimiko* cat name Jojo Armani....and i gt the blame...I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO EAT TAT TIME!! FUCK U CAT!! I'M NT GOIN TO TREAT UR WOUND!!!!

when to my friend Riza Ryuzaki apartment yesterday after work..and i find tat hid room is small Just like him XDDD his costume for Cirno Advent is nearly done except his skirt cutting...which i teach him how to cut it OwO *wow senior konon*

we the AFAX Cosplay Regional Championship,Look At Kaika's Blog and Youtube Acc,and show who is KAname!!!*tis guy IDk who's KAname!!! KILL!!! SATSUGAI!!*

after tat when back home~~ tralalalala~~~~

gt a little feverish in the mornin and cooled down after tat XDDD

so yea....hope u guys have fun on Christmas and CF COMMUNITY!! PLZ SHOW US MORE EVENT IN 2011!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Falling sick at work


in all my life tis is the first time i fall very sick at work XDDDD

yesterday i can't even look straight to the monitor OAO

and i keep on saying...

"I Will Never Die...Not Like This...I...I Have...To Protect....The World...."


My Friend keep on asking me to go Back home cuz i seriously dun feel well that time XDDD

so i went to the clinic and ask to have a check up to have an MC for tat day...which she replied...

"No,We Dun sel MC..."


so i just wrote down that i leave for the day and went to the CLinic near by my House
the doctor thre was nice and gave me a check up...

i had a low Grade Fever which around 36 degree Celsius *nt tat bad tho...*

but today i went fever rise to 37.8 Celsius which the doctor say did i eat the medicine *yes i did but i had a severe headache in the morning*

the doctor say if i have certain symptom at 6pm i shuld go to hospital to have a check up...scared whether i have Denggi Fever *which i dun remember been beaten by one*

well anycase~~ i eated my Medicine but i cnnt sleep O_O weird...Might be my Hyperness energy OwO

so right nw i feel like sumthin is poking my head and my throat is getting dry OwO



Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comic Fiesta Day 2

ARGH~~~~ CF IS OVER!!! and it's...10.30pm OwO


I HATE THE SECURITY!! nt CF people..BT THE HOTEL PEOPLE!! HW CULD THEY BLOCK US!!! and sampai hati panggil me kurang ajar..i was in a rush and can call me jerit macam pasar...TGKLAH DEPAN KO TU!! BUKAN PASAR DH KE!!! SEMUA DUDUK ATAS LANTAI!!! CROWDED LIKE SHIT!!! TATS ALSO PASAR MAH!! and i jerit cuz i'm late d =_= so deal wit it =_=

ok then...Emcee...plz dun drag the day longer...ur making people having problem d...Kesian Yuan cross and Rayray0211...they wan to do photoshoot pun xleh =_=

Owh! i counted hw many people carried my Dark Excaliburn! 68 people! YESH! XDDDD *tho crack my tip d..nw i hv to Fiberglass it back =w=*

urmm rumm...ok today was okok thx to Kori! i get my hyperness back XDDD I love you~~~

Meet Mikeru and Rinku today at starbuck OwO *sorry wen was quite in a rush* we were talking on how our jobs and bla bla bla bla bla~

ok..then...OWH!!! FATE STAY NIGHT GROUP!! i x dpt jumpa anybody O_O whre are they?? i saw One Rin Thosaka and it's nt her..kiseki mana u tat day...shirou sunyi~ oh well quite alot of saber today OwO I'm glad i took photo's with them XDD yay~~~

thx Ikki~~ nw i have my cap back XDD next time i shall glomp and kiss joo~~ XDDD

eto~~~ meet some sabah,Indonesia,thailand and Singapore cosplayer XDD and get they're contacts XDDD You guys XDD thx so much XDDDD MOSES!! NEXT TIEM WE CROSS SAMA SAMA!!!

owh! Dai_Spammerz!! thx for the dance finale!! You guys make the crowd wild~~ sorry but i dun join all of it...was too tired d...haiz...

Congrats to you noe whom's birthday XDDD and a merry christmas XDDD nw then...i guess thats all XDDDDD

See you next year XDDD

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010 Day 1




in the entire time i'm already half dead =) *guess it's kinda my fault?? for nt being hyper???*

Well can't be help when u do 3 jobs in a week =_=


meet old friends is new friends which i dunno noe them bt they noe me +_+ *i Phail like SHit+

Owh i cosplay as ASK from Nico Nico DOuga in his Butler Form so only like 3~4 people noes XDD other thought i was cosplaying Kaito Butler form Owo

Comicfiesta tis year is damn crowded...and i get tired fast =_=

i hate it =_= nt to mention the air conditioning i can't even feel it =_= I WAN TO BLAME THOSE STUPID GUARD THAT BLOCK MY WAY WHEN I WANNA GO BACK!!!

haiz... oh well but i'm happy cuz i met KAIKA!!!!! YAY!!! KAIKA!!!! LOVE HER SO MUCH!! XDDDD

SHE SO KIND AND NICE PERSON !! *tho i thought she was taller but i guess can't be help huh O_O CAMERA FOOL ME AGAIN!!!*

i wish she has a Facebook Acc...but i guess she don't Owo? *personally ask*

owh! she was cosplaying as Konata From Lucky Star XDD So cute XDDD <3<3<3 *can't help it*

We snap picture together OwO I'm happy XD


here's her Blog link OwO -->

kinda stress out when my dad ask me go back home like...5.30pm O_O i have to run from TS to the LRT station tat took me like 20 min thx to elevator!!

Oh well...2moro i shall come as Shirou from FSN OwO HOPE TO C U ALL THRE AGAIN!!!

tats for today~~ bb~~~

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wow it's been a year and a half???

Wow it's been that long O_O i haven't been updating you since then O_O???? sorry blog bt it can't be help XDD;;

when in anycase I'm back!! and i shall start bloggin *if i hv the time from work*

Let see what did i did in tis one year....

Got my old job back

when to first voice recording session

cosplay half asses XDD *phail like shit tis year*

Get to go Afa *at last~~ u can check it at my FB*

sang at Animangaki which i phail so much XDDDD

and nw waiting for CF XDDD

OWH!! and Kaname is selling his Cosplay Photo Book this Winter Edition of Comicket XDDD

Kaname!!! let's hang out next time!!! *which i find that impossible* meeting oversea's cosplayers is somethin refreshing and give me a motivation on my cosplay XDD *eventho in tight budget*

hopefully i'll be able to have Kagane Wen and the rest of DS member in AFA but hey~~ i can hear my voice in the Cosplay Regional Championship XDDDD in HD!!! *thx to the twins's u too *

making alodia dance on stage shows tat we are one big happy family XDD tho i think i embarrass her XDD and i still owe her a Assam Laska O_O *shout at her from afar and say we would have lunch together but haiz....*

Clive wans me to join the CRC....ok Cosplay Rigional


i notice that some cosplayers was dancing Cirno Math Class and i had to join XDDD well they had fun XDD bt no one noe Bad Apple thre XDD *dancing Alone in the middle....lonely~~ i mister lonely~~*


As always XDDD hope! to! be! better!! XDDD

So Pray to myself i don't phail Kamina or ACe Next year!!! *amin~*

Today~~~ is the last day from my internship buddy Amin~~~ tho~~ nt much of a celebration~~ atleast i force him to eat a bunch of chilli flakes on his pizza >DDD

i got interview today as an Animator! woot XDD *just seeing some work and give idea/comments on they're work*

for a nineteen...i dun really give a comment like a nineteen year old student XDDD
so i'm sorry li wen for being harsh Q_Q

OK! i guess thats all for today XDD HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS AT CF10!!!!!